An obligatory introductory post.

Hullo, World. Welcome to 2011 and a new blog.

For years, I have been meaning to start a public blog. After several bumbling, false starts, I finally feel comfortable with the blog. Part of the problem was finding the purpose, and then another was defining what was appropriate for the said blog, and what wasn’t. At one point, I wanted to simply pimp others’ work and say why it was good. Another time I wanted to write posts about my own writing. And then I wanted to do book reviews. As a college student (soon to hopefully be a graduate student), or really for anyone, that’s a lot of blogs to maintain. I knew I’d feel pressured to keep all of them updated on a regular basis: read new books, examine my own writing, surf the web for new things, etc. I am not a professional blogger. Actually, I don’t feel like I’m much of a blogger to begin with, but it’s something I have wanted to do for some time.

Looking back at all this ventures, they have one thing in common: words, and a love of words. So many facets of my identity revolve around words. I am a writer, a poet, a reader, an editor, a music lyrics aficionado, and a scholar and student of language and literature. Loving words is a lifestyle. It’s embracing words in all forms. They may only mean anything because we say they do, but they’re all that we’ve got and they can be absolutely delightful.

I want to write about writing, reading, about experiencing words. I want to talk about the printed word, the digital word, words strung together in poetry and prose, words of fact and fiction.

Celebrate the spoken word, the written word, the thought word, the word that exists and has yet to exist.

That is what this blog is intended to be, so let’s hear it for words.

Yay words!

An obligatory introductory post.

4 thoughts on “An obligatory introductory post.

  1. Hello Aubrie! Just found your new blog via Twitter. Congrats on this new project and the outstanding introduction too! I subscribed your blog via mail…

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