Small Stone 1

new hat
trying to make it fit like the old one


This is the first of a month’s worth of small stones for National Small Stone Writing Month by the river of stones project, sister site to the e-zine a handful of stones. I’ve actually never written a stone before, but after lurking about the two blogs, and reading what a small stone is, it felt like a good way to start off the new year, and this blog. Coming from a haiku background, I see a lot of parallels, but in the first several attempts before the new year, found it actually more difficult for me than haiku. While a lot of my stones probably will be haiku, I want to take the chance to experiment as well. A challenge, but should be rewarding. (Especially with NaHaiWriMo in February.) If you feel up for it, do give it a shot. The introductory post and badges for your blogs can be found here.

Small Stone 1

3 thoughts on “Small Stone 1

  1. I agree that small stones are more difficult than haiku — I keep trying but have never come up with one I liked that wasn’t actually a haiku. I think this is related to my pathological terror of free verse (not reading it, writing it). I need rules, dammit! Maybe I should just make up my own rules. Yeah. Going off to do that now…

    (I really like this one, by the way. Oh. Should I have said that first?)

    1. (Say it when you will; just happy you said it at all. Ha.)

      Free verse was something I resisted for a long while. Then I got a hang of it… then I got hooked on haiku, and haven’t written anything longer than a tanka in the last couple years. Admittedly, there’s still the temptation to break up the second line so that it’s:

      new hat
      trying to make it fit
      like the old one

      While the breaks are nice, it doesn’t have the same effect (to me) as the two-liner. In short, I’m trying to take the challenge head-on.

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