March Mad Verse 10

On-going kasen by Aubrie Cox and Wayne Chou.


spring breeze
tea stains
on the atlas

first daffodil blooms
by the crossroad

crow on the
rusty barbwire fence
gazing forward

new stars
in the sextant lens

hunter’s moon
streams through
the keyhole

a hidden oasis
in each floating seed

mossy stones
sacred temples
of my childhood

she ties a pink charm
on his keychain

we watch the sunrise
atop a broken
ferris wheel

cinnamon rolls
fresh from the oven

summer heat
the bowerbird picks
thicker reeds

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4 thoughts on “March Mad Verse 10

  1. Richard Cody says:

    I am enjoying reading this but I realize I know little about kasen. Do the shared bits need to share anything specific specific – i.e. theme or word?

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