March Mad Verse 28

On-going kasen by Aubrie Cox and Wayne Chou.


spring breeze
tea stains
on the atlas

first daffodil blooms
by the crossroad

crow on the
rusty barbwire fence
gazing forward

new stars
in the sextant lens

hunter’s moon
streams through
the keyhole

a hidden oasis
in each floating seed

mossy stones
sacred temples
of my childhood

she ties a pink charm
on his keychain

we watch the sunrise
atop a broken
ferris wheel

cinnamon rolls
fresh from the oven

summer heat
the bowerbird picks
thicker reeds

minnow breaks
the water’s surface

kamuro fireworks
leave a trail
of moondust

her kimono’s sheen
tanabata night

wishes tremble
on bamboo
in the aftershock

paper cranes
in the donation box

beggar bowl
overflows with
plum blossoms

he burns sweetgrass
singing for spring rain

oak tree’s shadow
grows longer
with the days

girl swings higher
not ready to let go

holding my breath
as they dot
the Dragon’s eyes

blank face
at the window

lone wolf
trails its pack
beyond the frost line

howling wind
across snow country

ink bleeds
into the crisp
white pages

evening before battle
I open her letters

after the call
wedding invites
packed away

the kitsune mourns
for her fallen mate

sliver of the
autumn moon
cradles a star

crowded platform
for the way home

March Mad Verse 28

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