NaPoWriMo 1

(Note: Although posting from April 2nd, backlogging this as the 1st, because I actually did it, just didn’t scan it in.)

Every month I’ve done something different on this blog, as said before, but was stumped for April (not unlike I was for March initially). April is National Poetry Writing Month, and so figured I had to do something a little poetic (i.e. not the appropriate time to hop aboard the flash fiction train). I kicked around a lot of ideas, then had an ah-ha moment while doodling in my class notes. I doodle a lot. A lot a lot. A few weeks ago, I had talked with a friend about doing a haiga month over the summer, but with photography. However, April’s a crazy month and with photography, I’ll often be out for hours and taking hundreds of pictures, which takes more time to pull one I like, etc. Then I have to sit around and think of a haiku to go with the selected photo, placement, fuss over lighting and the way the text works, blah, blah, blah. With doodles, on the other hand, I find it much easier to write the haiku first, then doodle something to it.

I fully intend to do photo haiga over the summer at some point, but for now, some haiga, and haiga-like work with haiku, senryu, tanka, and maybe even a little linked verse here and there. It’s poetry month—so may as well celebrate more than one type of poetry. Nevertheless, I’ll try and follow some of the prompts being given over on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page by Melissa Allen, for inspiration’s sake.

Doodle 1 from the prompt “trickery”:

That’s supposed to be a thumbtack, by the way. Did I mention I’m not an artist?

P.S. At any time you can’t read my handwriting, feel free to ask for the decoder ring.

NaPoWriMo 1

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