July Stones 10

Word Has It

Over lunch, Grandma asks about high school classmates I haven’t seen in years, as though we’re still friends and I know everything that has been going on with them since. Mum pipes up to mention I said it’s rumored one of them is a heavy drinker. I correct her and say I’d only guessed she was. Though I know it for a fact from the stories she had told me last I had seen her several years ago. As Grandma harrumphs and stabs at her salad, Mum tells her about how the girl’s family had become too elite for town and moved into a gated community. Feeling the afternoon heat through the restaurant’s blinds, all I can remember is when we were kids and we would run up and down the street in our bare feet, the tar bubbles popping under our calloused, blackened heels.

whiskey sour
days of my youth gone
in a dandelion fluff

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