July Stones 22

night crawlers…
the neon light
of another pub

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8 thoughts on “July Stones 22

  1. way cool the twisting in this… i do miss your drawings tho…

    • Aubrie Cox says:

      I must say, you’re certainly making me consider another month on my blog of doodleku!

      • bwahahahaahaha. good.

        • actually. your doing those, has given me the desire to do so too. so you see why i want you to keep doing them. …well… one of the reasons.

          i’ve actually been doing a number of them on my digital apps. i havnt been posting them tho. yet. still, yeah, i vote for more of yours. any time.

          • Aubrie Cox says:

            I’ve done a few on my iPad as well. I’d love to see some of yours!

            • oh. cool. i know some others who draw with apps. it would be fun to do a day of app haiga sometime. – or in some other collaborative or joint participation way…

              i’ve posted a few on my blog. i’m still way deep in the learning curve tho. i’ve had my ipad since about the end of June.

              in a week or so, i’ll only be able to post from my ipad (while off island briefly) and i’m expecting to do that with things along these lines.

              here are 3 if you want to look, this is still a new device to me, so i’m exploring a lot …which of course i often do anyway. ha….




              i’ve also been doing some things that Melissa (on her Red Dragonfly Blog) has been using with her words in a great way (imo). some of them are from ipad apps – most so far i think are not.

              fun. aloha.

              • Aubrie Cox says:

                Ahh! These are gorgeous! I think the first may be my favorite, but the other two are also close behind. I also use Sketchbook Pro. Such a fantastic program.

                Maybe we should have a doodleku month?

                • ha. yeah. aloha and thank you Aubrie.

                  that first was one of my first efforts. i like it too. the others are (mostly) in Zen Brush which is way simple – but very immediate in the way it is used. i like it a lot. – altho i do combine it with others sometimes…

                  i’m also experimenting with Inspire Pro and ArtStudio. i think i’ll like ArtStudio quite a bit, but it’ll take a little more to get it down. it’s a lot like photoshop elements but a lot different too. i’ll probably combine some things too with it.

                  yeah. i like that idea – a doodleku month. altho when may be a challenge. still… the only way to do it.. is probably to plunge in, yes?

                  okay, i’ll sign up. and splat them down when ever you’re ready… fun. aloha.

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