4 thoughts on “July Stones 27

  1. aloha Aubrie – oh, yeah. i like that too – exactly how my mind works. i eat off a particular plate as often as i can – by choice (it’s one i made in clay when i had a kiln) because i know how a specific chip got there – and i like knowing that. so, yeah. this ku – splat on target. i like that…

    i’ve been thinking about your doodleku suggestion a lot. i like the idea. if you’re comfortable with it and would have time i’d suggest Sept. you can let me know how you’d like it to work… or thoughts on it… etc. – no big deal if you dont want to or dont have time. i just like the idea and if there were two of us, that would be enough for me. …of course more would be way cool and welcome too…

    fun on. aloha.

    1. Rick, I’m a sucker for wabi-sabi. I’m so glad someone relates so closely to this.

      I think September is a great idea! That’ll give me August to get moved in and start school. As well as see if I can’t rope a few more people in. 😉

      1. aloha Aubrie – yeah, when i think i understand wabi-sabi it’s clear, and i say, ah, yes, that’s what this is. then i have to re-understand it all over again. too much western mind, i think, or may be western words that find it hard to get at wabi-sabi. still… i think my mind without words knows it quite well.

        cool on September for a doodleku month. tell me what you’re thinking on it is? – drawing and words – any kind of drawing/painting/paper/digital/pen/pencil/brush – ??? something else? post a day and as often as possible is okay? a central place to leave a link? any thing else?

        i’m not great at roping (even tho when i was littler i wanted to be a cowboy – ha), i’ll definitely promote it in posts on my blog tho and to others. if we have a blurb about it, that would be cool too. ha, it’s already going off in my skull. ideas and thoughts and moments of now. sheesh.

        cool on getting moved in and starting up on school – if Sept. doesnt work for you… that’s okay too. fun on. aloha.

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