2 thoughts on “July Stones 29

  1. bwahahahaha – no way. we reinvent our self every time we wake up. dont we? …i know that glasses feeling. fun, yes. that is… i’ve had a few. it’s still fun every time…. even if it might be my last… way cool words. would this qualify as wabi-sabi? to me it would – altho i would defer to more knowledgeable beings… . aloha.

    btw – i’m thinking i will start.. encouraging. yeah, that’s the word i want. i think. encouraging people to doodle ku with us on my blog …with something like:

    pen, pencil, brush or digital. got paper too? join us for a month of doodle ku in September – fun.

    i havnt really thought about a link to your name, or may be some place where you define doodle ku? what do you think? and should i encourage photos too? or am i being too flippant?

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