4 thoughts on “October Doodlefest 7

  1. aloha Aubrie – funny. I was thinking about this kind of image today. ..in a different way of course. I suspect it still may show up in a day or two.

    do your doodle-ku happen all in one moment, one day – or do you think on them sometimes for a day or two or more, while you work on another?

  2. ’tis the season. I’ll keep an eye out for yours. It’s funny how we keep stumbling upon these same images. And kind of awesome as well.

    I try to do one every day. They don’t always get scanned every day (like the last couple days). Sometimes I’ll write the poem that day and later have to go make up the doodle (like this one). The norm is that I’ll write the poem earlier in the day, spend the day mulling over the image, then doodle in the evening.

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