November PAD Challenge 7

Challenge 7


hair tangled
with blue asters
the falling stars
won’t wait
for my wishes

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2 thoughts on “November PAD Challenge 7

  1. aloha Aubrie

    this is superb (imo).

    curiously enough. oddly enough???… I’ve been following these writer prompts by getting to them through your blog.

    I’m way behind on some comments I intend/intended to leave on your doodle ku. and other blogs. but I do not want to fall behind in doing. art. writing. or what ever creating I am after, what ever it is… each day.

    so I’ve kept up. loosely. with these prompts so far. and it’s been great fun. …although I havnt been posting them any where. yet. other than on my own devices. I’m beginning to wonder about that. I suspect there is a value to posting them where others can see them. just like there is with my visuals. I’d get to see how they’d stand up on their own to some degree without the shelter of the environment where they were created in to begin with… their home.

    so I’m thinking on this.

    and just want to say thank you for posting your work here.

    fun and light that cannot wait on. aloha

  2. María Santomauro says:

    Very beautiful!

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