Dragons, small stones, and one year of Yay Words!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could keep this blog going for a year—I’ve never been able to keep a public blog going more than a few months at best. There’ve been a few dead months, and wobbled a bit in December, but I made it! Starting out with a bang, I’ve uploaded The Language of Dragons, boasting 61 poems and 39 poets/artists, to celebrate the New Year. I’ve said thanks probably fifty times already, but once more, thanks to everyone who has read and contributed over the last year.

So what’s next? On to small stones! It’s only the first day; there’s still time to join the river if you haven’t already…

Dragons, small stones, and one year of Yay Words!

6 thoughts on “Dragons, small stones, and one year of Yay Words!

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    Dear Aubrie, I can’t tell you how surprised and delighted I was with your dragons…and how absolutely astonished and humbled by the wonderful sumi-e by Kris Kondo for my haiku. This is truly a treasure. I will enjoy reading all the great haiku during the whole year.
    In gratitude, Merrill

  2. Peter Newton says:


    What a great job with this collection. On DAY ONE of 2012 to be spirited on by so many dragons . . . and the voices of poets. Thank you. And so many others.

    All best in the newness of another year.


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