River of Stones January 2012 – 1

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Today I dropped a box of poems on the floor. They ran rampant through the house, leaving me no choice but to hunt them down one by one. I chased a renga out from behind the register with a broom, and a small stone out of the tub. Haiku were swinging from the lamps and bouncing across the linoleum. When I finally wrapped the last tanka in a silk handkerchief, I said to myself, “I can start the new year right.” New Year’s light streamed through slats of the blinds, and through the baby bonsai’s translucent leaves, ready to unfurl.

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River of Stones January 2012 – 1

5 thoughts on “River of Stones January 2012 – 1

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    For me the New Year started with a request for haiga and haiku… and I was off to the races. Now if I can only stick to one thing at a time…giving thanks every day… it will be good. Thanks, Aubrie, I can’t wait to see what you unfurl next.

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