31 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku – 16

    1. Love your haiku. Sounds like my father too.

      I also remember my dad saying, when I was in graduate school, “Don’t forget to save time for your own work.”

      He was so brave when he had cancer in the fall of 1982, and when he died in 1983. I was 29. I finished my degree in part to honor him. This was at Northern Illinois University. My mom was so young too.

      Blessings, Ellen

      1. angie werren says:

        thanks, cara!

        I had a box of stamps with three different postages — finally figured out one was *really* old, one was for oversized mail, and one was current… 😀

        1. Merrill Ann Gonzales says:

          I’m finding it handy to have the envelop of stamps that no longer fit. Now when I have overweight letters I just go in and find two old stamps to fix to get the amount needed. I have trouble remembering the overweight (extra ounce) amount.

      1. Merrill Ann Gonzales says:

        Hi, Tom, That’s exactly what I’m doing. When I saw this sketch, it only reflected what I’ve been dealing with these last weeks. So many memories. So much to go through. I never expected to have to go back and review life. But I find myself at a place now where forward is blocked and the only way forward is backward… backward walking! 🙂

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