open email by Melissa Allen, Aubrie Cox, and Lucas Stensland

We interrupt your regularly scheduled doodleku-ing for a side project I have been working on for the last few weeks with Melissa Allen and Lucas Stensland.

Based on some of our emails, open email is a series of call-and-response poems, snippets of dialogue, and quotes. Go here to read the introduction to our shenanigans and download the PDF.

On behalf of all of us, enjoy!

(Doodle will be up shortly.)


8 thoughts on “open email by Melissa Allen, Aubrie Cox, and Lucas Stensland

  1. Very funny and some cool poems. Loved it! Appropriately, I read this in tbe middle of the night while unable to sleep. That might make a difference. Great editing and loved the conversation. It reminds me of “Burns and Allen” – dating myself here. You could be the Lucas-Cox and Allen of this generation. Glad you guys decided to share. Yay words! Andrea

  2. Peter Newton says:

    Aub, Mel, Luc

    (as I feel I know you a little now 😉

    In the spirit of haiku itself, inclusive not exclusive. Just great to listen in on the meanderings of the creative mind(s).

    Not the same winter rain.


  3. haikutec says:

    Greatly enjoyed it!

    If it’s not published yet in a magazine, I wondered if you’d consider Notes from the Gean, including the correspondence if you’d like too?

    Alan, Linked Forms Editor

  4. Yousei Hime says:

    Enjoyed it very much. As the misery saying goes, I’m glad someone else gets rejected every once in a while. May you find rain and full moons whenever you need them.

  5. Cara Holman says:

    on a conversation
    winter rain

    things don’t always
    make cents

    entering into
    the spirit
    ghost moon

    70 is
    the new 40

    not sleeping
    saltine crackers

    can’t find the like button
    rain again

  6. […] of conversations and haiku she shared with Melissa Allen and Lucas Stensland, in the post open mail. I smiled all the way through it, and couldn’t resist posting this response in the comments. […]

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