7 thoughts on “Doodleka [doodle – 05.18.12; tanka – 05.19.12]

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    across the blue bridge
    the lovers fly into doves
    or stars in my peas

    ~~A lot of memories in this post of yours
    Also, thanks for the help…. I finally got WordPress to post the photo. Many thanks indeed.

      1. snowbirdpress says:

        Oh, How I loved that old willow-ware china when I was a child. All the stories I could imagine while I was eating …. you can’t get better than that, except ….when your daughter cooks for you…. now that’s about as good as it gets.

        1. Merrill, that reminds me of whenever I was at my grandmother’s. She had a couple of the cork villages. I could stare into them for hours, as though the little cranes would come to life. I collect them now… picking one up whenever I find an older one (they’re much better crafted) for a good price.

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