Faerie Facts and the Lantern Lowdown #3

See #1 and #2

Faerie folk and/or lantern poems deadline is June 17th!

Faerie Facts

On Icelandic traditions (more a Wikipedia):

Expression of belief in huldufólk or “hidden folk”, the elves that dwell in rock formations, is common in Iceland. If the natives do not explicitly express their belief, they are often reluctant to express disbelief.[21] A 2006 and 2007 study on superstition by the University of Iceland’s Faculty of Social Sciences supervised by Terry Gunnell (associate folklore professor), reveal that natives would not rule out the existence of elves and ghosts (similar results of a 1974 survey by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson, Fréttabladid reports). Gunnell stated: “Icelanders seem much more open to phenomena like dreaming the future, forebodings, ghosts and elves than other nations.” His results were consistent with a similar study conducted in 1974.[22]

The Lantern Lowdown:

No facts today, just some links to some lovely lantern photos by a Japanese photographer.

Small, metal and candle lanterns

Wooden street lamps

A row of paper lanterns

Some lamps and lanterns in an old shop


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