Faerie Facts and the Lantern Lowdown #8

See the call for faerie folk and/or lantern poems.

See #1, #2, #3,#4, #5, #6, and #7.

Faerie Facts

On pixies (from Wikipedia):

Pixies (also Pixy, Pixi, Pizkie, Piskies and Pigsies as they are sometimes known in Cornwall) are mythical creatures of folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the high moorland areas around Devon[1] and Cornwall,[2] suggesting some Celtic origin for the belief and name – akin to the Irish sidhe , pixies are believed to inhabit ancient underground ancestor sites such as stone circles, barrows, quoits, Rounds or standing stones.[3]. In traditional regional lore, they are generally benign, mischievous, short of stature and attractively childlike; they are fond of dancing and gather outdoors in huge numbers to dance, or sometimes wrestle, through the night, demonstrating parallels with the Cornish plen-an-gwary and Breton Fest Noz (Cornish: troyl) folk celebrations originating in the medieval period. In modern times they are usually depicted with pointed ears, and often wearing a green outfit and pointed hat. Sometimes their eyes are described as being pointed upwards at the temple ends. These, however, are Victorian Era conventions and not part of the older mythology.

In modern use, the term can be synonymous with fairies or sprites, however in folk lore there is a traditional enmity, and even war between the two races.[4]

The Lantern Lowdown

A tryptic of fantastical paintings with lanterns:
The Forest part 1
The Forest part 2
The Forest part 3


5 thoughts on “Faerie Facts and the Lantern Lowdown #8

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    Up the airey mountain
    Down the rushy glen
    We daren’t go a-hunting
    For fear of little men….
    Wee folk
    Good folk
    Trouping all together…
    Green jacket
    Red cap
    White owl’s feather….
    ~~~ When I was a child I loved this poem… but the part of them stealing little Bridget sort of disturbered me when I found out she was not sleeping, but dear from sorrow!

  2. alee9 says:

    misty lake
    in the stillness
    a sighing
    as lanterns burn
    for the boatman

    (for Forest #3)

    on her face the eyes
    of night
    what darkness brings
    she twirls with it dancing

    (a sprite)

  3. alee9 says:

    In case it doesn’t show, that’s me (alee9)

    Alegria Imperial

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