Faerie Facts and the Lantern Lowdown #10

Only 10 days left to send your faerie folk and/or lantern poems!

See #1, #2, #3,#4, #5, #6, #7, and #8.

Faerie Facts

Some photos by Jaime Ibarra with models dressed as faeries:

Hadas II

Silent Encounter

Twig – Safe Inside

Twig – Winter Faerie

(Note: While the photos I’ve linked to are safe, for those that may explore the rest of Jaime’s gallery, some may be considered not safe for work!)

The Lantern Lowdown

On Chinese Lanterns (the plant) (Wikipedia):

Physalis alkekengi (Bladder cherry, Chinese lantern,[1] Japanese lantern,[1] or Winter cherry;[1] Japanese: hōzuki), is a relative of P. peruviana (Cape Gooseberry), easily identifiable by the larger, bright orange to red papery covering over its fruit, which resemble Chinese lanterns.


In Japan, its seeds are used as part of the Bon Festival as offerings to guide the souls of the deceased. There is also an annual market dedicated to the flower called hōzuki-ichi which occurs every year in Asakusa around Sensō-ji every year on July 9th and 10th. Its balloon-like qualities also made it a contraceptive in early Japan.[citation needed]


3 thoughts on “Faerie Facts and the Lantern Lowdown #10

  1. paper lanterns
    do you know how many died
    at Hiroshima

  2. paper lantern
    with the white dome’s heat

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