In Memory

My grandfather passed away Saturday, June 30th. My grandmother asked me to draw something representative of his life—books, music, God, and medicine. All the more fitting to post on the Fourth because he also loved his country.

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28 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. My condolences for your loss. This a beautiful tribute, Aubrie. Thank you for sharing it with us here. Bless you and yours ❤

  2. Alan Summers says:

    Please accept my condolences also.

    Is that a medical symbol on the cross?


  3. Dear Aubrie, Sending love and prayers…what a wonderful gift for your grandmother and family. Ellen

    • Aubrie Cox says:

      Thank you, Ellen. Much appreciated. Originally this (the illustration, the ‘ku was my own doing for me, myself, and I) was meant to be on the cover of the church bulletin at the funeral service, though my grandmother was told they don’t do those anymore.

  4. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through Your mercy, rest in peace, Amen.

  5. So sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing, Aubrie.

  6. Kris Kennedy says:

    Hey, Aubrie, so sad with you about your grandfather. I thought it was so cool that your grandmother would ask you to draw something…a cool way of honoring him (and her).

  7. Cara Holman says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Aubrie. It sounds like your grandfather lived a good, full life. What a nice tribute to him.

  8. Richard Cody says:

    Condolences. A wonderful tribute.

  9. snowbirdpress says:

    for those with no stone
    memory rock hard in the heart

    I pray all your memories are lovely and gentle and kind…. I didn’t know what to say to your post that would hold what I felt…. till I came across a photo a fellow in New Zealand posted called “Remembrance”… All that’s ever left is love, but if there’s love it is all.

  10. Such a beautiful way of honoring your grandfather!!! sorry for your loss.

  11. Peter Newton says:

    all the awkward words grief leaves

    Sorry Aubrey. No way through sorrow but straight. Peace to you and yours.


  12. Randy Brooks says:


    I’m so sorry about your loss. Wonderful doodleku for him and your grandmother.

  13. I am sorry for your loss, Aubrie. Wonderful drawings you made to represent your grandfather’s life. (Somehow I missed this post last month.)

  14. martin1223 says:

    I am sorry to read your grandfather passed away and admire your doodleku…

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