July Blog Contests

As summer takes full swing and the heat tries to get the better of us in the northern hemisphere, I’ve noticed that several other wonderful people are hosting their own activities and contests. Since these three ladies have always promoted and been supportive of my projects, I want to make sure to return the favor. Not to mention I’m sure you don’t want to miss these—there’s some great prizes and the themes/prompts are after my own heart.

The SILOH Tanka Contest on Swimming in Lines of Haiku

Theme: Winter Dream
Form: One previously unpublished tanka per person
Deadline: Tuesday, July 24th

Kirsten Cliff is one of two birthday girls this month hosting a tanka contest. Since it’s winter in New Zealand, the theme is Winter Dream. The winning tanka writer will receive 26 Tanka Films (DVD) by Richard von Sturmer. Full list of rules in the link.

Birthday Bash Giveaway on Haiku-doodle

Theme: Moon
Form: One tanka per person
Deadline: Friday, July 20th

Our second birthday girl, Margaret Dornaus, is embracing her month’s governing astrological sign and asking folks to share their moon tanka. As someone once said, let they who have not written about the moon cast the first stone! The winner will receive a copy of Makoto Ueda’s Modern Japanese Tanka (one of my personal favorites). See the link for full details.

Multiple Contests and Giveaways from Origami Lotus Poetry

Theme: Varying (see individual contests)
Form: Haibun, haiga, and a blog bash
Deadline: Sunday, July 22nd (haibun and haiga)

Kathy Nguyen is hosting several contests with book giveaways. Be sure to read each carefully for full rules and all the details! I don’t know if the blog bash is still open for inclusion or not, but if it is, be sure to let her know ASAP.


One thought on “July Blog Contests

  1. Thanks, Aubrie! Have a great string of moon tanka so far . . . Maggie

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