Doodles from the Sea

To help inspire everyone for the sea and/or thieves theme, I’ve decided to post some doodles relating to the theme. Okay, it may be I also just have a hard time ignoring the requests for more doodles (really, how can I say no to you?). I can’t promise they’ll be every day, but I’ll try to do at least a couple a week until the deadline of September 15th.

I’ll likely include these doodles in the final PDF and may ask if I can pair a ‘ku or two with them, but will also consider any responses as regular submissions. Of course, more importantly, just have fun. Doodleku on.




15 thoughts on “Doodles from the Sea

  1. dark moon
    through the colored glass
    a love letter from China

  2. snowbirdpress says:

    just out of reach
    bobbing on a ripple
    the answer

  3. martin1223 says:

    midnight sun
    through the spout’s drizzle
    right whale

  4. martin1223 says:

    starboard lookout
    a swell rolls the moonlight

  5. martin1223 says:

    rising tide
    a bottled message
    incased in dusk

  6. martin1223 says:

    sorry, spelling…

    rising tide
    a bottled message
    encased in dusk

  7. martin1223 says:

    a note in a bottle in and out of the fog

  8. a love letter
    flows down the river
    into the sea

  9. hi aubrie, loved the doodle.

    all my love

    entrapped in glass

    the blue sea bandits

    stole it

    have written two more verses on this. Here’s the post

  10. […] one of the bloggers, whose writing I admire greatly. She is hosting a sea and/ or thieves theme at yay words. Even though, I am not adept at any form of poetry, I couldn’t pass this one up after seeing […]

  11. her heart
    buoyant with secrets . . .
    open sea

  12. Peter Newton says:

    the message
    in the bottle
    mostly ocean

    a blank page
    a bottle of air
    a writer’s life

    lost in a sea of sameness his dream of going places

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