Doodles from the Sea 2

There’s a little less than a month left to send me your poems about the sea and/or thieves, so here’s some more doodle prompts to get the words flowing.



9 thoughts on “Doodles from the Sea 2

  1. martin1223 says:

    dawn the bow rises with a dolphin
    published in tinywords 14 December 2007

    the silence of a dolphin’s silhouette

    approaching storm
    the boatman fingers the bowl

  2. snowbirdpress says:

    from wave to wave
    the dolphins skipping play
    my heart skips a beat

  3. imagination leaps
    with sudden insight

  4. when
    is it ever too much

  5. A Walk In My Heart says:

    dolpin song –
    slipping in and out
    the dawn

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