2012 November PAD Challenge: Day 1

Candle Wax Voices

On the morning of all the saints, he steps out of the sunlight like a match emerges from a dying flame. I’m driving too fast. I barely see him in his clandestine black suit and carrying a Wal-Mart sack until he steps out of my path. He never looks back.

voices beyond . . .
candle wax crusted
on the windowsill


Today’s also the first day for the November Poem A Day Challenge. Today’s prompt was “matches.”

2012 November PAD Challenge: Day 1

2 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Challenge: Day 1

  1. wow! I am not entirely sure I grasped the deeper meaning (if there is one!) but your words painted a vivid picture and left me thinking about them. Specially loved the “candle wax crusted” so mundane and yet so significant 🙂

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