Do you need a doodle fix?

If it’s not obvious by now, I’m kind of into collaboration; I can’t get enough of it. Not convinced? Allow me to I draw your attention to March Mad Verse for a moment. Or maybe I Doodle, You ‘Ku and open email. Are we good to go? Great, let’s move on.

My friend HM Yuan and I have been saying for more than a while now that we should do something together. He’s an artist and graphic designer; I’m a writer (who pretends she’s an artist); he loves designing books; I love editing books; he loves the integration of text and image; I love the integration of text and image. He has an affinity for high-quality print, but has an interest in the potential of digital publications; so do I. We’re also both INTJs who can’t get enough of the color blue and Nickelback. The point is, it sounds like a really smart match for creating things, and we kind of need to do something about it.

We’ve tossed about several ideas over the last couple months, but everything fell flat (artist’s block, writer’s block, obligations at work, homework, more excuses, etc). As I stated, the March event will go on as planned, but I didn’t think you’d object to more doodleku (don’t think I didn’t hear you, Melissa Allen, being so demanding). One afternoon, the solution occurred to me: HM could doodle, you all could write, and then he and I could edit and come up with some spiffy collection.

How This Shindig Works:

The concept is essentially the same as I Doodle, You ‘Ku, which led to Things with Wings: During the month of January, I’ll post one of HM’s doodles every day. In response, everyone is invited to write and post in the comments a haiku, tanka, gogyoka, small stone, or any short poem (10 lines or less) to accompany the doodle. Write and post as many as you like; have fun with it. Doodleku are meant to be playful.

If you’re not familiar with doodleku, it is closely related to haiga (some call it a subgenre); however, sometimes there’s a little more overlap in image and poem content than may be traditionally acceptable in haiga. It’s meant to be exceptionally playful. Feel free to browse through the “doodleku” post tag or read Things with Wings. Or just jump in and write; we don’t bite.

Afterward, HM and I will go through and select our favorite poems written for each doodle and put them into a collection with the doodles. But don’t let this distract you—just have fun!

The first doodle will go up after I’ve had a bit of sleep.

A Few Things to Consider:

• Some journals may consider the works posted in comments as “published.”

• You, as the author, retain the rights to your work before and after it appears on my blog/in the final collection.

• I know many participants like to post the poems they write daily on their own blogs, but please do not post the doodles on your own site.

• Doodleku on!

Do you need a doodle fix?

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