He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 2

The concept is simple: HM doodles; you write a poem to accompany it. Links to all the doodles throughout the month and the opening post can be found here.

Doodle is by HM Yuan; please do not post the doodles on other blogs.

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37 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 2

  1. ice floes…
    the hermit crabs
    thawing ice –
    one cup of tea
    after another

  2. camels carry
    cargoes of spices and ginger-
    a cup of chai latte

  3. a cold breeze
    with icicles on trees-
    first tea

  4. winter skyline
    steam rising
    from my teacup

  5. tea stain
    on my new shirt
    matches the pattern

  6. Cara Holman says:

    after my third cup
    the words
    start to flow

  7. Cara Holman says:

    to the voice within
    winter sunrise

  8. GILLENA COX says:

    in a pot of boiled water
    a jasmine blooms

  9. Polona Oblak says:

    second coffee
    the highlights
    in the barmaid’s hair

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  11. Prose Posies says:

    […] the He Doodles, You ‘Ku challenge, on Aubrie Cox’s Yay Words […]

  12. Billy says:

    cup of tea
    gone cold–
    writer’s block

  13. Ro Babcock says:

    morning genie
    a new year’s wish
    is brewing

  14. bigmax722 says:

    jasmine morning –
    listening to the counsel
    of frogs

  15. angie werren says:

    quiet moon —
    the memory of your hand
    holding this cup

  16. first heat rose and thorn followed

  17. white glove test
    the seven scents
    of jasmine tea

  18. kvennarad says:

    – writEs words in
    The air bUt mists
    hiS glassEs –

  19. sanjuktaa says:

    coffee mist…
    I wonder if he left
    the ring back home

  20. terrilfrench says:

    white clover tea
    my entire fortune
    in the bag

  21. Kathy says:

    brewing teapot . . .
    we sit in the afterthought
    of mockingbirds

  22. blue notes rising from a cup of joe

  23. flavored dream
    the steam from my tea
    becomes dragon

  24. Linda H. says:

    smoke signals
    coffee steam rising
    past tired eyes

  25. Linda H. says:

    bored child
    smoky flamingos dance
    over hot tea

  26. cloud formation
    where to I begin
    telling you

  27. Rita Odeh says:

    thinking of you-
    my head turns into
    a red lily

  28. China cup:,
    a cobra meets
    the rabbit from your hat

  29. Peter Newton says:

    New Year’s Day a cloud pulls itself together

  30. kashpoet says:

    brewing coffee–
    some problems have
    no solutions

  31. A Walk In My Heart says:

    coffee break …
    the morning unfolds
    through the mist

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