44 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 8

    1. The second image is marvellous. However, Iam a little bit confused regarding the first image.
      The touch which makes the clock hands fall must be a violent one.
      Does this tanka say that although you are violent, I love you?!
      To avoid this confusion I suggest:

      handless clock-
      my love for you
      keeps on ticking

      1. hi rita! third line had a typo corrected…actually the first version which i didn’t post had a more explicit reference as to what part of my body ‘clock’ is. but you get it, right?

  1. Whaaaat…..This post exploded!! @_@ That’s a good thing though. 🙂 Yay, more people participating!

    the wet whisper
    of stars tonight . . .
    the standstill of my heart
    as your prognosis offsets
    the balance of time

    1. Everyone, please pray for my cousin as she is very ill and on dialysis (both kidneys gone). I’ll be out of town this weekend to visit. This tanka/small stone is for her.

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