He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 13

The concept is simple: HM doodles; you write a poem to accompany it. Links to all the doodles throughout the month and the opening post can be found here.

Doodle is by HM Yuan; please do not post the doodles on other blogs.

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28 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 13

  1. GILLENA COX says:

    spinning tales
    of light and weight…
    garden spider

  2. Spinner, or sap?
    He studies
    the stripes on his palm.

  3. angie werren says:

    man moon —
    falling into an image
    of myself

  4. newly widowed
    she unravels the stitches
    in his scarf

  5. or rather…

    new widow
    she unravels the stitches
    in his scarf

  6. Cara Holman says:

    mid-winter blues
    my mind a web
    of tangled thoughts

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  8. Maria Santomauro says:

    dreams in its web-
    the spider

  9. chrisbkm says:

    Asleep on cracked glass,
    I share the spider’s dream
    and fly’s nightmare.

  10. bigmax722 says:

    alone again –
    the dreamcatcher heavy
    with moon

  11. Billy says:

    winter grey –
    issues from the past
    holding me back

  12. mandala moon the way of the stars

  13. wine moon
    falling into a web
    of lies

  14. Kathy says:

    twilight dew . . .
    a window spider strings
    together last night’s

  15. stained glass his future lies in the monastery

  16. A Walk In My Heart says:

    nightmare …
    I sink deeper into

  17. Alone again
    caught in life’s web
    I watch myself

  18. sanjuktaa says:

    stoned window pane fighting the unseen

  19. Rita Odeh says:

    a tiny fly
    in the spider’s web-
    refugee tent

  20. polona says:

    troubled sleep
    the bedroom spider webs
    another corner

  21. a broken path
    the unknown light
    of a snowflake

  22. terrilfrench says:

    sleeping in
    the fetal position–

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