He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 15

The concept is simple: HM doodles; you write a poem to accompany it. Links to all the doodles throughout the month and the opening post can be found here.

Doodle is by HM Yuan; please do not post the doodles on other blogs.

We’re now halfway through the month!

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30 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 15

  1. each raindrop
    falls to the perfect center
    a weighted touch

  2. elevator ride
    the sudden leap
    of a dolphin

  3. Billy says:

    at her fingertips
    a dolphin entering
    a swelling sea
    waves of desire spread
    from a treasured pearl

  4. A Walk In My Heart says:

    the gutter and the stars …
    I breathe in and out

  5. Kathy says:

    a lone koi
    kissing my hand
    as I stir the stars

  6. bigmax722 says:

    a violin cries the wind
    slightly white

  7. rippling
    the morning light
    snooze button

  8. Memories of making out —
    the LP’s grooves
    summoning summer nights.

  9. Cara Holman says:

    koi pond
    a touch of autumn
    in the breeze

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  11. GILLENA COX says:

    making waves…

  12. Randy Brooks says:

    party decorations
    her rescue goldfish
    no longer skittish

  13. breathing in
    and breathing out-
    the chi

  14. Rita Odeh says:

    koi tattoo-
    she dives into
    the water
    unaware of my
    heart’s ripples

  15. polona says:

    a koi-shaped space
    beneath the ice

  16. shark shadows
    beneath turquoise waters
    her breath
    rippling as she presses
    deeper into his touch

  17. correcting typo…

    shark shadows
    beneath turquoise water
    her breath
    rippling as she presses
    deeper into his touch

  18. terrilfrench says:

    summer’s cusp–
    slipping into
    your intimate space

  19. glass pond –
    the ripples I make
    come back to me

  20. Peter Newton says:

    in circles . . . koi
    one hungry
    one lonely

  21. alee9 says:

    melted snow—
    the missing stone
    in a jigsaw puzzle

    icy pool
    doused in starlight…
    jasmine blossoms

  22. Peter Newton says:

    just the right touch
    r e l e a s i n g

  23. sanjuktaa says:

    circling each other-
    we search for
    the right word

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