5 thoughts on “Mindful Writing 2013 – 14

  1. aloha Aubrie. I thought about making a comment a few days ago that is similar to this one. I didn’t of course and now it strides in yet again. is this related to destiny, I wonder??. . . .

    I like this (your) connection between word formats.

    it also interests me that your ku brings to mind something I noticed a long time ago. for me, growing up through high school and college I noticed and often marked down my first day of spring.

    my “first day of spring” was not related to the calendar first day of spring but my internal clock and the way I felt. my “internal” first day of spring often occurred in January (altho it could be in February or March as well). sometimes it occurred within the first few days of the new year, occasionally with snow on the ground or falling and sometimes with sunlight.

    now, with your words I find another truth I had not noticed in those years – that the cleansing around this springness – this cleansing feeling of spring, in spring – also produces an easing into sleep. maybe even deep sleep. cool on that and the uncovering of that essence in your words.

    fun. and a restful sleep on to you. in deed, especially with a semester pile of the proportions in front of you in these words at the moment. aloha

    1. Rick, thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.

      Yes, I, too, often feel spring earlier than it’s willing to come. But the new year in general often feels like new beginnings. I was also born early in the year as well (the Chinese lunar new year often falls somewhere around my birthday as well). So lots of newness, and as you noted… spring feels like newness. Or cleanliness.

      We’d also experienced another week of where things got up into 50° F (when it’s normally more in the 20-30s) in the Midwest, so it gave everyone, not just me, an even stronger feeling of spring.

      snow drops . . .
      my internal clock
      tells me it’s spring!

      1. after leaving that message i remember that once (at least) my spring began on the day after Christmas. that’s another story tho.

        yeah, those unexpected warms in winter and the cool beginnings of spring. delight.

        way cool on the ku.

        the snowflake start
        of spring

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