He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 16

The concept is simple: HM doodles; you write a poem to accompany it. Links to all the doodles throughout the month and the opening post can be found here.

Doodle is by HM Yuan; please do not post the doodles on other blogs.

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33 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 16

  1. terrilfrench says:

    sorrow. . .
    a silent consolation
    in fresh snow

  2. falling on old wounds fresh snow

  3. Cara Holman says:

    snow flurries
    this sadness

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  5. George Hawkins says:

    the warmth of her poems
    in stone

  6. Rita Odeh says:

    first snowfall-
    the fire of memories
    sparks off

  7. a young couple
    with a kitten in the snow

  8. bigmax722 says:

    falling stars –
    only an owl knows
    what to say

  9. Billy says:

    sorrow –
    clumps of snow

  10. relieving
    the hail in my heart-
    my friend

  11. sipping mate
    the taste of sweetness
    still lingers

  12. A Walk In My Heart says:

    seamless sky …
    petals fall in the tinkling
    of chimes

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  14. Coats inside,
    hearts on sleeves —
    time as slow as the snow.

  15. snow

  16. turning on
    the musical ornament
    she gave me
    snow starts to fall
    along with my tears

    *for my close friend, Peggy, who just passed away yesterday.

  17. cheer up
    young friend
    old wounds heal
    when fresh snow falls

    Oops!!!! Don’t know what this one is! it doesn’t fit any format…… But this is what it feels like to me… 🙂

  18. sanjuktaa says:

    or starry night
    as long
    as we have
    each other

  19. alee9 says:

    drizzly day
    on speckled walk
    we falter
    as if time saved
    extends to eternity

    wintry rain
    on frozen sprouts
    his arm
    around her sadness…
    a Morning Glory blooms

  20. Peter Newton says:

    winter stillness
    our slow accumulation
    of loss

  21. Kathy says:

    snowflakes . . .
    our secrets fill the cracks
    between us

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