He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 22

The concept is simple: HM doodles; you write a poem to accompany it. Links to all the doodles throughout the month and the opening post can be found here.

Doodle is by HM Yuan; please do not post the doodles on other blogs.

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31 thoughts on “He Doodles, You ‘Ku – 22

  1. Cara Holman says:

    lingering sunset…
    our trail of footprints
    in the sand

  2. […] the He Doodles, You ‘Ku, on Aubrie Cox’s Yay Words […]

  3. winter sunset . . .
    I ask myself
    again and again
    who will take care of me
    when I grow old

  4. nine years today
    since Mom was called Home
    how pleasant to learn
    that love grows
    beyond grief

  5. candle light
    through stained glass
    a mother and child

  6. beverlydyer says:

    Side by side at beach
    They gazed across the deep blue
    Happy to be there.

  7. A Walk In My Heart says:

    over the rainbow …
    lilac pandas

  8. terrilfrench says:

    with. . .
    each. . .
    breath. . .
    life. . .

  9. bigmax722 says:

    leaving home –
    the snow before us

  10. Rita Odeh says:

    photo album-
    the united shadow
    of mom and me

  11. terrilfrench says:

    wavering thoughts
    how did I get here
    from there

  12. Kathy says:

    your hands
    all those years ago . . .
    what it took for me
    to let my guilt go

  13. Melting away
    hard to remember now
    her bright features

  14. terrilfrench says:

    ha! at first I thought this was two candles with wax running down, now I see it is two cloaked figures.

  15. in the wake of her passing jasmine breeze

  16. Behind us
    the claws of the past
    continue digging

  17. sanjuktaa says:

    her tiny hands
    in mine-
    moonlit path

  18. Maria Santomauro says:

    in mom’s footsteps-
    a child

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