I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 01

The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!

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44 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 01

  1. just seeing
    his mighty wings
    flapping in the air
    how can I guess
    death is close by

  2. broken feathers wishing for another chance

  3. Rita Odeh says:

    broken wing-
    the cat bounces
    back and forth

  4. Stuart Zobel says:

    ignoring the
    the cat

  5. Asni Amin says:

    birdsong …
    for a moment
    I forget

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  7. 2013-01

    window cat
    I latch onto a daytime
    TV serial


    Rick Daddario
    Kailua, Hawaii

  8. GILLENA COX says:

    meow thoughts…
    sitting quite still the cat
    watches birds feed

  9. polona says:

    latest hit the old cat yawns

  10. March snow
    more birds fluttering
    at the feeder

  11. Lucas Stensland says:

    the violent lives
    my ancestors lived
    so I could be a poet
    behind thick glass

  12. Cara Holman says:

    unrequited love
    he in his world
    she in hers

  13. the veggie cat’s silent dream:
    feathered flowers
    a rain of sesam seeds,
    and a glass door

  14. jerrydreesen says:

    watching birds flit from
    branch to feeder to branch
    my cat

  15. cardinal song
    your love always
    just out of reach

  16. Maria Santomauro says:

    at the window
    the cat yells and yells
    for the bird

  17. angie werren says:

    this side or that a flicker of recognition

  18. bigmax722 says:

    lost in the horizon . .
    a bird crosses
    my window

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  20. terrilfrench says:

    his eye
    on the sparrow–
    preacher’s cat

  21. Richard Cody says:

    Bird at the feeder..
    the cat
    dreams of wings.

  22. Billy says:

    the women
    I wanted knew
    they could
    lead me on
    the nice guy

  23. Kat Creighton says:

    between you and me –
    could it be
    any other way?

  24. heart fluttering my unblinking eyes

  25. Jacqueline Chama says:

    the flutter
    of my heart–
    wistful thinking

  26. sanjuktaa says:

    of wing flutter-
    the blind cat’s sigh

  27. Rita Odeh says:

    moonless night-
    the kitten spots
    a sparrow

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  29. patience
    is a virtue,
    they say

  30. slanting rain
    I let the sky eat
    out of my hand

  31. coffee break
    by the bird feeder

  32. arrow-bright day
    quivering hummingbird
    quivering kitten-tail

  33. knot2share says:

    This is an oldie again – fun:

    we catch up on
    all the gossip

  34. too cold for hunting
    even the cat sits inside
    this cold winter’s day

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