31 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 05

      1. angie werren says:

        this version takes me to a different place than the first. a sadder place, with a drug connotation to it (tracks). the first seems more wistful. like them both. 🙂

          1. mahalo Angie, you are so right—tracks and endless train in the second one lead more easily to that drug connection for me too. . . . maybe less so in the first. interesting.

            I read recently the concept that with a good ku the meaning should remain the same when the first and third lines are exchanged. I’ve been playing with that and find I like what happens with the words when the ku works that way. until reading that, I used to see sometimes which way I preferred with the shift in meaning when those lines were switched. now I more often try to get the wording to work out so the meaning holds with that switching.

            fun. aloha

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