Post NaHaiWriMo 10

Prompt: Garden

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3 thoughts on “Post NaHaiWriMo 10

  1. aloha Aubrie – I like the way you have taken this photograph (i suspect in the shadows and light through a window??), as well as the drawing itself. considering both as elements of the visual—way cool.

    • Aubrie Cox says:

      Rick, you’d be correct! I was too lazy to go turn on a light, so I went to the window where there was still a decent amount of light. The patio door itself is a bit of a mess and there’s a screen behind it, which I suspect created the smaller shadows. I fell in love with the dreamy element it created. Glad you noticed!

      • cool. yeah I like using that natural light like that. I take a lot of shots along those lines that I don’t often use. you are right tho, there is a pleasing quality in that light. often reflected light too. the other day I caught some reflected light shadows which I may use some day. what I like about what you did is the combination of your work in that pool of light and shadow.

        as an aside cameras are set up now to “read” and correct for a lot of situations, however sometimes the camera can’t quite figure out what the situation actually is and it will try what it thinks is the right settings for that situation. that can lead to some shifted color and other things which may be cool or may be something to tweak back toward the light you saw. either way can work, plus a thousand other ways, it’s just nice to go after the one you want rather than the one the camera chose sometimes.

        cool eye on you tho for going after this light and “seeing” it when you got it. fun. aloha.

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