43 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 25

    1. Thank you, Sanjukta, Maria, Billy, Cara, Sandi, and Ellen for your kind remarks. Alice lived a good and long life. I’ll miss her.

      Sanjukta, I decided I’d do nothing but one-liners here this month as a challenge!

  1. A teddy bear from my childhood, Eleanor, is sitting with Leo the Lion – from my father years ago – on a box next to this computer. An old family tablecoth makes the box look more decorative. It’s interesting how treasures find where they wish to stay.

  2. dusted off for
    my granddaughter, the tiny tea set
    great-grandmother painted


    My great-grandmother was an artist, and as a child I played with the demi-tasse set of blue glass teacups and matching china teapot that she oil-painted violets on the sides of. When I was a little girl, my mother let me “play” with them. Now they sit in my china cabinet holding memories.

    Here is a longer poem—from my book *Buried in the Sky* (La Alameda Press, 2001)—about the mystery of time and my having that tiny tea set she painted:

    Tea Ceremony

    for Eleanor Ecob Morse, my great-great-grandmother, 1890

    She sits at her worktable,
    lifts a blue glass cup
    to admire its gilded rim
    as she begins to paint
    small violets on its sides.

    By evening, she will have done
    the whole set, blessing each blue sphere
    where violets bloom.

    She does not feel the weight
    of snow that fills each cup she raises
    to the window’s light, the cold
    of blowing flakes against her hands,
    or the sudden chill that finds her lips
    when she pantomimes a sip.

    This morning, the sky beyond her window
    deepens to the blue of finished cups
    as I hold each one up to catch the sun.

    Penny Harter

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