I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 27

The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it! New to doodleku? See the original post; you can also click here to keep track of each day.

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20 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013 – 27

  1. each stitch
    in my spring blanket
    a seed


    Rick Daddario
    Kailua, Hawaii

  2. sew
    just a few more stitches
    my poem will be done

  3. bigmax722 says:

    bluejay dawn mending fences i choose red

  4. mother dozing:
    dreams of raggity days
    days of needle and thread

  5. Eric says:

    Tread, needle, thimble
    A stitch in time saving nine
    Common, every-day

  6. two green thumbs sewing her path through the garden

  7. Cara Holman says:

    another anniversary
    stitching our past
    to our future

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  9. polona says:

    needleeye moon
    a hundred camels march
    through my dream

    (i may have invented a word)

  10. another cancer
    in the family . . .
    this time around
    it’ll take longer to mend
    my broken heart

  11. autumn light
    threads the pear leaves
    coat of many colors

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    • Asni Amin says:

      cross stitching …
      a pink dolphin jumps
      over the moon

      Somehow, I couldn’t post my comments here on its own so I’ve tagged my sharing here.

  13. Rita Odeh says:

    a dream-
    as long as her

  14. dusk
    her thimble
    out of work

  15. jmbhatt says:

    Thread reel, needle & thimble,
    All equipment in place,
    Now hold on, to complete the picture,
    Till missing person-in-charge is found.

  16. Amy says:

    hanging by this thread ~
    a thimble full of wisdom
    sustains us

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