New Resonance 8 for Sale

‘lo folks,

The holiday season’s upon us! That means shopping, lots of shopping. If you’re like me, you like to share your bliss with friends and family. This usually means books. And sometimes you find something you’d also like for yourself.

New Resonance 8 came out earlier this year from Red Moon Press, and, as a contributor, I’ve still got copies that need good homes. This anthology showcases 17 haiku poets who are considered noteworthy (or up-and-coming, however you may want to look at it) within the haiku community. The poets in this volume include: Melissa Allen, Mike Andreleczyk, Johannes S.H. Bjerg, David Caruso, Kirsten Cliff, Aubrie Cox, Susan Diridoni, Seánan Forbes, Michele Harvey, John Hawk, John McManus, Peter Newton, Christina Nguyen, Dan Schwerin, Lucas Stensland, Hilary Tann, and J. Zimmerman.

For your friends, family, or maybe yourself, I’ve got copies of this fine anthology for $15 a piece, plus $1 for the envelope. No shipping fee for the USA. If overseas/Canada/etc, I’ll work out something discounted for you as well.

Cash, check, and PayPal are all options! Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

New Resonance 8 for Sale

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