Mindful Writing 2014 – 07

Rivulets of shadow pool into the rippling snow, tiered and layered like the Arabian desert. I slip my bare feet into tangerine snow shoes and venture out. Just a few feet past the back door before the morning glow is gone.

The docks stretch into a drifting wasteland where there are no markers of where the world ends and begins.

Although I’ve seen the lake a thousand times, it doesn’t stop me from wondering what lies beneath. And how far I could walk before I fell through.

Mindful Writing 2014 – 07

4 thoughts on “Mindful Writing 2014 – 07

    1. Thanks, man! I owe a small part to my stepdad, who said as he went out it looked like something from Lawrence of Arabia. Been getting some great snippets from him while staying over at the parents’.

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