36 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 02

  1. angie werren says:

    before I decide trot
    or kitsune the streelight
    shines on all the tiny
    children still counting red
    rover red mother may I

  2. As I type in the mornings, I watch the light change over Lake Michigan. There are icebergs and rose along the horizon. On Sunday, a wounded fox came to a sunny spot in our yard, to rest and heal. I am honored we were a safe place.

    * This is from a longer post from my blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin (January 2010). A good writing exercise to make it this short.

    Thank you, Ellen


    1. polona says:

      funny… i believe you wrote this by yourself but here’s mine from december 2006 shiki kukai:

      starry night
      the fox’s eyes
      in the headlights

      1. Shloka Shankar says:

        Polona, wow! Talk about deja-ku 🙂 I guess the only difference here is, I’ve tried to convey the fox’s eyes standing in for headlights, and not really the reflection aspect. 🙂

        1. sanjuktaa says:

          Yes, Shloka…I did notice that small but significant difference (with Polona’s).In fact, when I first looked at this doodle, more or less the same lines had occurred to me too 🙂

        2. polona says:

          ah, yes. missed this aspect on first reading (i guess i was stunned by the similarity) but it has become obvious now you mention it 🙂

  3. Peggy Bilbro says:

    (Two for today)

    step by step
    emerging from the dark
    down the road
    or back to the woods

    a tangle of branches
    holds my shadow

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