I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 02



The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!

New to doodleku? See the original post; you can also click here to keep track of each day.

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36 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 02

  1. Melissa says:

    the edge of the woods when the streetlight

  2. angie werren says:

    before I decide trot
    or kitsune the streelight
    shines on all the tiny
    children still counting red
    rover red mother may I

  3. wildlife crossing—
    this moment when the hidden
    steps into the light

  4. Moonsinging says:

    young fox watch
    under the streetlight
    no footprints

  5. Chrissi says:

    right here
    stranded with the naked truth
    the moonlight
    whisks me closer
    to a distant dream

  6. As I type in the mornings, I watch the light change over Lake Michigan. There are icebergs and rose along the horizon. On Sunday, a wounded fox came to a sunny spot in our yard, to rest and heal. I am honored we were a safe place.

    * This is from a longer post from my blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin (January 2010). A good writing exercise to make it this short.

    Thank you, Ellen


  7. Shloka Shankar says:

    empty highway…
    a fox’s eyes
    my headlights

    • polona says:

      funny… i believe you wrote this by yourself but here’s mine from december 2006 shiki kukai:

      starry night
      the fox’s eyes
      in the headlights

      • Peggy Bilbro says:

        Proof of the universality of a good haiku!

      • Shloka Shankar says:

        Polona, wow! Talk about deja-ku 🙂 I guess the only difference here is, I’ve tried to convey the fox’s eyes standing in for headlights, and not really the reflection aspect. 🙂

        • sanjuktaa says:

          Yes, Shloka…I did notice that small but significant difference (with Polona’s).In fact, when I first looked at this doodle, more or less the same lines had occurred to me too 🙂

        • polona says:

          ah, yes. missed this aspect on first reading (i guess i was stunned by the similarity) but it has become obvious now you mention it 🙂

  8. Adam Traynor says:

    red dawn a broken line out of the fog

  9. a walk in haiku says:

    the space
    between breaths …
    I roam

  10. sanjuktaa says:

    from one fear
    to another
    the long shadow
    of a streetlight

  11. sanjuktaa says:

    on a road named fear the red fox

  12. Anitha Varma says:

    lonely road…
    out of the gloom
    a red fox

  13. Peggy Bilbro says:

    (Two for today)

    step by step
    emerging from the dark
    down the road
    or back to the woods

    a tangle of branches
    holds my shadow

  14. Maria Santomauro says:

    under the lamp
    smart as a fox-

  15. Fell asleep last night before posting…

    the long drive
    home from you
    in my red dress–
    how quickly my passion fades
    under these passing streetlights


    last night’s fox dreams–
    another reason
    to wash away
    the ink stains
    of you

  16. sanjuktaa says:

    Love the second one, Kathy!

  17. whimsygizmo says:

    Everything’s illuminated –
    your sly heart, my red
    rage. Even the trees
    reach for what I thought
    was mine.

  18. polona says:

    night snow
    a fox reappears
    in my dream

  19. under the lamp
    no road in sight
    the red fox waits

  20. Debbie says:

    He hesitates and
    sees a smooth easier path
    thinking, “perhaps trap.”

  21. the street lights’ scintillating wit and wisdom

  22. Rita Odeh says:

    hunger moon-
    a fox steps into
    the light

  23. Rita Odeh says:

    full moon . . .
    a fox sidestepping
    the light

  24. flame
    beneath the lamppost
    I slow for a look

  25. Lucas Stensland says:

    making eye contact
    with the fox for a second
    dead of night

  26. Katie Bock says:

    I cross no such roads

  27. fox tales into the dark

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