I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 06


The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!

New to doodleku? See the original post; you can also click here to keep track of each day.

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38 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 06

  1. I tell her
    it’s not cheating
    to count flower petals

  2. Heather says:

    tin man
    pulling petals
    a heart or not

  3. the scent
    of the wind’s whisper
    as I long for him . . .
    what message do you
    bring me, my angel

  4. beverlydyer says:

    Wings lighter than air
    The woodland faerie plants next
    Seasons burst of sun.

  5. angie werren says:

    I am carried on the wind and
    there’s nothing I do not know
    do you see how things revolve
    oscillate with me little
    sunflower I come in peace

  6. Heather says:


    pushing up daisies
    with every she loves me not
    the tin man loses his heart

  7. I wish I may
    I wish I might…
    first tatoo

  8. Debbie says:

    he lays
    a path of petals
    to her door

  9. birds enter clouds
    the lonely angel’s need
    to belong

  10. Moonsinging says:

    one by one
    spread out wishes
    like seeds

  11. Anitha Varma says:

    ice cream soda…
    petals of heat drip off
    a marigold sky

  12. a walk in haiku says:

    Reblogged this on A Walk In Haiku and commented:
    whiff of shalimar …
    on the wings of an angel
    I follow a dream

  13. kalaramesh says:


    softly on my dreams
    the apsara
    descends from the clouds
    to dance with me


  14. all winter
    flowers rested
    in the earth
    beauty begins
    in the heart


  15. sunshine spills
    out from the mailbox~
    brighter words


  16. Adam Traynor says:

    blue dawn through feathers of ice the blackbird’s eye

  17. what gift
    do you bear, my angel?
    in my dreams
    you touch my tears
    and turn them into petals

  18. with or without wings disappointed

  19. Katie Bock says:

    Souls have starts–
    with some parts fully-fledged
    to carry the sun.

  20. a new season
    this blossom of silence
    between us

  21. sanjuktaa says:

    Blue Beetle I knew you when

  22. Rita Odeh says:

    plucked petals-
    painting my dream on
    an eagle’s wing

  23. flower faeries
    prepare the meadow
    for autumn’s arrival

  24. Reblogged this on Failing at Haiku and commented:
    At first this image gave me the feeling of spring, but the more I looked at it the more I thought of Fall.

    flower faeries
    prepare the meadow
    for autumn’s arrival

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