23 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 09 – 2014

      1. aloha Ellen. thank you. there are perspectives on life (that surface for me) when I walk in places like this, in a number of ways, that bring out the things that are important while in this world. I like that. much as your words here bring out too. I like that as well. aloha.

  1. angie werren says:

    we are too innocent to
    look exhausted red-rimmed
    faces shocked and bending with
    this death we are too young
    tell us why we came here

  2. This last time the hospice nurse gives him a bath, I find it difficult to pick what color of shirt he should wear. Although black is his favorite color, I think at his final hours it will look ominous and morbid. The hospice nurse and I finally agree on a yellow orange shirt. It’s absolutely the right choice because it seems to add life and peace in his face. Even with his heavy breathing, I know for sure he’s comfortable wearing it, too.

    he wants
    his ashes all together
    with me . . .
    my broken heart turns out
    much heavier than his urn

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