18 thoughts on “I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 15

  1. My children dig,
    Fill the pail with wet, wet sand,
    Upending it into towers.
    Again they dig, dig, dig.
    The ocean fills their moat with
    Blue water, circling the towers,
    Sapping the bases, undermining foundations.
    Shore up the towers! Frantic digging.
    My daughter finds a shell.
    Places it on the tower-top carefully.
    A huge wave crashes over the top,
    Sends the shell flying, and levels the towers.
    My boys spring up, yelling.
    One chases down the pail, as it spins away in the surf.
    My daughter laughs at her brothers’ wet, sandy faces.
    We move higher up the shore,
    And dig some more.

  2. Midnight in the Garden of Waterfalls

    water lapping at the edges. I slip deeper into sleep. relaxing. letting go. I float. buoyant on the water. in the breeze. sound drifting across speckled sand. warm. sunlight through half open eyes. flickering across gentle waves. I surface. reaching. through the clatter of palm fronds. for the cascading alarm.

    tropical waters
    my winter sand blanket

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