Tungsten to the Flies

It’s your first walk all week. As you approach the bend, a buzzard abandons the coon carcass laying savasana, ribs open and broken.

snapped guitar string
I forget the day

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4 thoughts on “Tungsten to the Flies

  1. Very powerful writing. The first line of the haiku is especially strong. It completes the imagery of the prose perfectly. I imagined a buzzard pulling on a tendon until it snapped, just like a guitar string.

    I just love these mini-haibuns! You are giving us the proof that a haibun doesn’t have to be long and verbose to be efficient.

    And the titles! They’re surreal. We sometimes have to work to find the meaning of the title, and then (shruggin) we just surrender to the poetry of it! Love the titles, always. And the whole thing. Well done.

    • Aubrie Cox says:

      Love your observation with the tendon and guitar string; very cool.

      Titles are so important to me, especially with these tiny haibun. I allow myself only 25 words in the prose, so the titles are ways to bring a new element in entirely.

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