Blogs About Blogging

I’ve seen and glanced through plenty of blogs about blogging. On occasion, one sticks out to me as particularly insightful or well-worded.

• 20 answers to the question: “But what should I blog about?” from Cathy Day’s The Big Thing

“How to Blog: A Guide on How to Quickly Start Blogging” from Blog Tyrant
This post is part one of two on the basics of writing and maintaining an effective blog. While not everyone is out to make money off their blogs, it’ll tell you how to do that as well. Actually, I recommend going through Blog Tyrant in general. It’s one of my favorite sites I’ve found on blogging in a while.

“6 Ways to Nourish Your Network” from Fast Company
While this is actually an article about networking in general (particular face-to-face), it’s extremely applicable to blogging.