2015 News

09.01.15 A Hundred Gourds 4:4 released

08.30.15 Publication – Wyvern Lit Issue 6 released

08.21.15 Publication – My essay “Clarity in the Unsaid” translated and reprinted in Haiku Reality 12.20

08.19.15 Featured reader at a Holler Salon along with David Mathews and Maria Hlohowskyj at Firefly Farms (Knoxville, TN).

08.13.15 Second chapbook Out of Translation accepted for publication by Kattywompus Press

08.05.15Nominated for Frogpond Editor by Haiku Society of America’s nominating committee.

07.20.15 Publication – Frogpond 38:2 released.

07.15.15 Publication – Bones 7 released.

07.15.15 Publication – The Mondegreen #3 released

07.10-12.15 Attended Biannual haiku retreat in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

06.28.15 Received Grand Prize for Wyvern Lit’s first annual flash fiction contest.

06.27.15 Read for Breaking Boundaries benefit to support the Breaking Grounds Poets’ trip to Atlanta for the Youth Speaks Brave New Voices slam competition.

06.01.15 A Hundred Gourds 4:3 released.

05.17.15 Read at annual marathon reading at Olbrich Gardens (Madison, WI).

05.01.15 Juxtapositions: A Journal of Haiku Research and Scholarship 1.1 released.

04.08-11.15 Attended AWP 2015 (Minneapolis, MN) and worked at Quiddity‘s booth.

03.22.15 Publication – “Voice Mail from the end of the End of the Earth” released on Whiskey Paper.

03.21.15 Attended Voices of the Middle West (Ann Arbor, MI) and worked at Quiddity‘s book table.

03.01.15 A Hundred Gourds 4:2 released, including my feature “The Seabeck Haiku Getaway: an interview with Michael Dylan Welch”

03.01.15 Publication – Haibun Today 9.1 released.

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