Fool’s Paradise

Note from the Editor:

Music has always been a source of inspiration for me—songs set the mood whenever I am drawing or writing. Both my parents are musicians, and I played the saxophone (the one on the cover in fact) for almost six years of school. In short, music is a big part of my life. So when Lucas Stensland got me started in writing found poems using song titles, I knew it was a challenge I had to extend to everyone. After all, it’s just one more way music can fuel the creative process.

Given the rules and guidelines, this is probably the most challenging theme I’ve presented yet, both for writing and editing. However, it’s been one of the most rewarding to see how contributors worked with the rules and restrictions, and how everyone used different genres of music. I’ve included a list in the back of all the songs and the artists; maybe you’ll find a few new tunes for yourself.

This rounds off the year for Yay Words! Thanks to everyone for making it great; I’ll be doing my part to make sure 2013 is just as productive (and fun). Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season!

Aubrie Cox
24 December, 2012

Download Fool’s Paradise PDF.

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