open email

This montage of poems, conversations, and quotes were drawn from approximately 300 emails exchanged among Melissa Allen, Lucas Stensland, and me over approximately two weeks. In those emails, which were sent at all hours of the day (all time stamps are in US Eastern Time), we didn’t worry about workshopping, or being grammatically correct. We just talked, and wrote.

This collection is not so much about the quality of the poems (some are obviously better than others; the three of us admit this, though we also like to think there’s a few decent ones), but the chemistry and energy in spur of the moment call-and-response.

I have tried to keep the poems in the order they were posted; in some cases a poem was written belatedly in response to an earlier thread, and made more sense when moved. First names are used because of the personal and playful nature of the conversations.

Aubrie Cox
26 March, 2012

Download open email PDF.

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