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Mindful Writing 2014 – 07

Rivulets of shadow pool into the rippling snow, tiered and layered like the Arabian desert. I slip my bare feet into tangerine snow shoes and venture out. Just a few feet past the back door before the morning glow is gone.

The docks stretch into a drifting wasteland where there are no markers of where the world ends and begins.

Although I’ve seen the lake a thousand times, it doesn’t stop me from wondering what lies beneath. And how far I could walk before I fell through.

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We Interrupt Your Lack of Broadcasting…

Above is an example of “hint fiction,” stories told in 25 words or less. I’m currently working on a sequence of them, and may eventually do a doodle for each one, who knows!

Wow. Okay, so I totally fell off the NaHaiWriMo wagon. A lot of factors went into it, but the two main culprits were the flu and teaching (including conferencing with my students). Once I felt like I could come back to working on NaHaiWriMo, February was over!

I’d still like to complete the 28 prompts, because they I actually really liked most of them. So you may see them trickle in now and then (I know, not the point of the activity since it’s every day), so you may see those popping up still now and again. I’ll be sure to label which prompts they’re following.

All that aside, I Doodle, You ‘Ku will continue as per usual, so expect the first doodle tomorrow morning! The good news is spring break is just around the corner for me, so I can doodle like a fiend.

Doodleku post coming up shortly, folks.

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End of the Year Anything Goes 1

Okay, so admittedly up until about an hour ago I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do for December. I want to keep up with posting daily, and… well, it’s fun. I want to try new things, but I don’t have time to really diligently study them. Then I started to work on this… thing. Microfiction, prose poetry, thing. I know I can’t keep this up every day, but I know I want to play. So… this month. Anything goes. Run amok, squeeze as much out of the next 31 days as possible, and then start the new year with small stones (in which I will try more new things).

Speaking of the new year, be sure to send me your poems about dragons and/or fire and/or water by December 28th!

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