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Mindful Writing 2014 – 31

It’s a quarter after four on the last day of the month, the first day of the lunar new year. A day that is fading.

Snow whirligigs down like crystalized starlight, bright against the darkening forest behind my house. From the kitchen window I consider how many doors I have to go through to reach the sky.

Perhaps too many.

Perhaps enough to teach me how to fly.

leaning into
the light
I line up the corners
to fold
another paper crane


February is NaHaiWriMo. Are you in? If not, here’s some reasons to consider joining.

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Mindful Writing 2014 – 30

in the office
across the hall
the sky
grows darker
and follows
me home

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Mindful Writing 2014 – 29

I almost miss
my turn

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Mindful Writing 2014 – 28

dauðalogn, dead calm
I hear the title
in the song
for the first time

and fall asleep
in summer
two years ago
in the eve
of your passing

this vortex
has cracked open
my fingers
at the joints

just wide enough
to bleed
to let these
memories out

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Mindful Writing 2014 – 27

funeral procession
merges into
the landscape—
send me home
in fire and ash
and wind

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